How To Design Sekolah National Plus Sekolah SPK on Narrow Site

To build Sekolah SPK previously known as Sekolah National Plus & International Schools. you need to have vast land site. What if your site is narrow and limited, and you cannot expand ?

How 30 years Experienced Senior Architect, Arsitek Indonesia, maximizes the use of your  land. Follow how Senior Architect plans, designs and arranges so many functions, Classrooms, Laboratories, Function Rooms, Teachers' Area, Offices. See how Senior Architect arranges Building Blocks, Sport Fields, Green Open Garden, Car Lanes and Parkings, all on limited land.

Expert in all types of buildings. Residential, and Non Residential Buildings. Office Buildings, Hotels, Shopping Mall, University Campus, Sekolah SPK, Apartments, Low Cost Housings, Luxury Houses, Smal Medium Houses.

Senior Architect minimizes needs for land area. Stop spending money on expensive land. Start building Sekolah SPK Sekolah National Plus on limited narrow land.

Interested in building, owning, or managing a Sekolah SPK  but your site is very narrow and limited ? Want to expand your site but land price is beyond reasonable price ? Find the answer in this Article :

How To Design  Sekolah National Plus Sekolah SPK  on Narrow Site.


Design Sekolah with Protected Driveway, Drop Off & Pick Up

Why Sekolah SPK National Plus needs so much land.

No one can argue if stated that a Sekolah SPK / Sekolah National Plus & International School requires a very large site, meaning that it requires huge funds to acquire large land, even before any Building block can be erected.

Unlike ordinary Indonesian Public Schools which have very limited facilities, Sekolah SPK / Sekolah National Plus in Indonesia are required to have complete school facilities.

Complete School Facilities ? What are they ?

Sekolah SPK / Sekolah National Plus must have large number of Classrooms, due to limited Class capacity of only 24 up to 28 students per class. Various kinds of Laboratories, Physics, Chemistry and Biology, Computer Rooms, separate Art and Music Rooms, Drama Room, Complete Libraries, Canteens, Multipurpose Hall, Sports Fields for Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Tennis and Swimming Pool.

In addition, as a better service for students and their parents, Sekolah SPK / Sekolah National Plus are required to provide enough car parkings to accomodate cars and drivers, students use for their transportation to and from school.

Additional to this already large amount of car parkings, Sekolah Nasional Plus still have to add more car parkings and motorcycle parkings for teachers and other employees.

As a result of the so many facilities that must be fulfilled, Sekolah SPK / Sekolah National Plus always require very large land area. What if the available site is very limited and land price is very high ? This is a complicated problem. How to deal with it ?


" How much land site is needed to build a Sekolah SPK / Sekolah National Plus ??? "

The answer to the question "How to Design Sekolah SPK Sekolah National Plus on Narrow Site" comes in 5 very important Steps.

These 5 Steps must be carried out in a totally and consistent manner to get comprehensive results. Eliminating one Step may have the effect of not being able to apply the next Step, and may fail to succeed the original purpose of Designing Sekolah SPK Sekolah National Plus On Narrow Site.

Below we will describe one by one each of the 5 Steps taken by Senior Architect, Arsitek Indonesia,  Arsitek Jakarta, Arstek Bekasi, to Design  Sekolah SPK / Sekolah National Plus on Narrow Site, that you might want to apply on your narrow lot.


Design Sekolah With Main Lobby Overlooking Central Green Court 

Step #1 : Designing Sekolah  starts by placing Building Blocks over Road and Parking Patterns.

On the Land Site Drawing issued by Land Surveyor, start making sketches of Building Blocks in the best part of your land, which have dimension wide enough for buildings. Then make sketches of an efficient car lane and parking pattern all over the whole site, even over the already sketched Building blocks. Keep in mind that we will loose some of these parkings for other purposes later in the design process. Start making the pattern from the Entrance Gate of the site, to finalize at the Exit Gate.

In general, a Sekolah SPK / Sekolah National Plus is divided into two separate areas. The Secured Education Area and the Public Less Secured Area.

The Secured Education Area is a closed area that cannot be accessed by everyone. This area is a special area for Students, Teachers and School Staff only. Other people, drivers and even parents cannot enter this area except with permission and previously agreed purposes.

This area consists of all Teaching Facilities for teaching and learning activities, research activities, Sport and Art activities, and school management activities. The main floor of the Secured Education Area is usually located on the Ground Floor next to the Entrance Gate.

The second area is the Public Less Secured Area in the form of Road and Car Parkings, Drop-Off Area, the Parents' waiting area, Drivers waiting, and Admission and Marketing Offices etc if possible. These are areas that do not have direct access to teaching activities. So it is clear that these outside activities should not interfere with teaching and learning activities.

Between these two Areas, The Secured Education Area and The Public Less Secured Area must be separated clearly, using boundaries, barriers, walls, and fences with strict Security Guard.

In Sekolah SPK / Sekolah National Plus with narrow limited land site, these barriers will even be emphasized by placing The Secured Education Area on a different level above the ground level.

The Secured Education Area will be placed on Level 2 above the Ground Floor, above The Public Less Secured Area of vehicle circulation, roads and parking. Try to have only the Main Students Entrance, Main Lobby Entrance, Admission, Parents’ Waiting Room on Level 1 Ground Floor of the Building. All the other functions and facilities will be placed at above-ground levels.

The Multipurpose Hall, the biggest indoor space in the school, which really need large space, will obviously be placed on Level 2. The reason is because The Multipurpose Hall often hold activities which bring in visitors from outside, mainly parents or students from other school.


Design Sekolah having Huge Multipurpose Hall on Level 2 Above Parkings and Driveway

Step #2 : Use ordinary Rectangular shape for all Classrooms Floor Plan. Do not use weird shapes. Design Sekolah with Simple Structural Grid.

By using a simple, efficient rectangular floor plan for all classrooms, will produce a regularity of patterns, and a straight and neat structural module.

Some studies in the 1960s stated that hexagonal floor plans of classrooms is the ideal form that will provide the best atmosphere for teaching and learning activities. However, this arrangement may cause problems when applied on multi-levelled buildings

Classrooms using hexagonal floor plan will create structural module with the same hexagonal plan too. This is not so disturbing to see when all the columns are covered by walls, as in the case of Classrooms.  But on the Ground Floor where the columns are exposed, messy confusing structural patterns are created.

Previously on Step #1 we had decided to make the Ground Floor dedicated mostly for cars parking, cars and people movements. This uneven, messy and twisting structural column modules makes it difficult for people and cars to move in straight line.

A simple rectangular structural system will create a clean uniform regular rhytm of columns which also helps arrange a regular and even layout for the car lane and car parkings on the Ground Floor.

However, carefull dimensional studies need to be taken to integrate between Classroom dimensions, structural column distance, and between columns clear distance to achieve a comfortable clearance between cars.

So if your Sekolah SPK / Sekolah National Plus do not have sufficient land site, it is best to use a simple rectangular classroom plans to achieve maximum road and parking arrangements.


Design Sekolah with Simple Rectangular Plan for Classrooms

Step #3 : Use a simple most efficient Double-Loaded Corridor System for Classrooms arrangement. Design Sekolah uses simple efficient Structural Layout.

In addition to the simple rectangular plan of Classrooms, we need to make all classrooms arranged also in a simple manner. We have noted that too many schools adopt the ‘single-loaded’ corridor system. They are simple, but they are not so efficient due to the fact that the corridor only serve one side. Another option is the ‘double-loaded’ corridor system.

  This most efficient ‘double-loaded’ corridor system will serve classrooms on both sides of the corridor, making the corridor function very efficient.

The selection of the 'Double Loaded' corridor arrangement is not without consequences. If not well planned, the corridor can look like a dark narrow alley due to the non-existence of windows and openings in the corridor . Of course this is not acceptable for prestigious Sekolah National Plus.

Therefore we need to take the next step to be applied. What is the next step ? Keep reading this article.


Design Sekolah with  Classrooms Lighted by Plenty of Glass Openings

Step #4 : Use Plenty of Glass Window Openings. Design Sekolah Uses Maximum Natural Light in All Rooms & Corridors.

As a result of the choosing the 'Double-Loaded Corridor' class arrangement, results in a lack of natural light in the corridor. Classrooms on both side of the corridor makes it detached from the perimeter walls, therefore unable to have its own openings. Large glass windows should be introduced on both sides of the classrooms, on the exterior perimeter wall, and on the corridor side. These large glass windows must be so arranged to introduce maximum natural light to the corridor.

Due to the presence of the many windows, the Classrooms become more open, easily visible from the corridor. This openness feeling of the classroom creates supervision of students’ activities in classrooms more easier, while students’ concentration are maintained succesfully.

So the application of this technical policy of large glass openings, harmonizes with changes in school management attitudes, namely transparency in the teaching system. Teachers and students are easily supervised by their principal.


Design Sekolah with Lighted Corridor Using Glass Openings on Both Sides

Step #5 : Use Reinforced Concrete Slab For Roof above Building Blocks. Design Sekolah with Outdoor Sports Activity on the Roof Top.

Another advantage of Sekolah SPK / Sekolah National Plus building blocks with 'double loaded' corridors is that the building become 'fat' blocks. The 'Fatness' of the blocks was accomplished due to the existence of two classrooms and a corridor between them. It is estimated that the width of the building can reach minimum 18 meters.

Building block with width reaches 18 meters is ideal to become an open field for various types of sports activities. Basketball, Volleyball, Futsal, Athletics and other open air activities. It can be made open to the sky or protected by lightweight roof to be used even on a hot day or rainy days.

By making the roof of building blocks as Sports Field and other outdoor activities, we succeed in minimizing the use of precious land needed to build Sekolah National Plus on narrow site.


Design Sekolah Maximizes Use of Roof Top for Sports Fields & Outdoor Activities 


" What happen if Sekolah SPK / Sekolah National Plus need a Swimming Pool ? Where will it be  located  ??? "


Design Sekolah with Covered Swimming Pool, Comfortable During Hot and Rainy Days.

All revealed above are the 5 Steps of Senior Architect Online, Arsitek Indonesia, Arsitek Jakarta, Arsitek Bekasi, Design Sekolah SPK / Sekolah National Plus on Narrow Site.


"  What happen if the available site for Sekolah SPK / Sekolah National Plus is already large and wide   ??? "

We had done Design for a huge 23,5 Ha Campus fo Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Pelayaran, National Maritime Institute in Marunda Jakarta. The Article for this project is Upcoming.

Conclusion :

By applying all 5 Steps given above, that is by placing the Car Lane and Parkings on the Ground Floor, concentrating the Secured Educational Area one levels 2, 3, and probably 4, and further using the roof for Sports and Outdoor Activities, we can reduce land area needed for the school, and our aim and desire to make a Sekolah National Plus on Narrow Site can be achieved.

Want to build a Sekolah National Plus on a Large, Wide or Narrow site ?
We are well experienced in designing schools, Sekolah Tunas Muda – Meruya, Sekolah Sang Timur, Sekolah Victory Plus - Bekasi, Sekolah Pelita Bangsa - Cirebon, and 23,5 Ha Campus for STIP Marine Shipping Academy in Marunda Jakarta.

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Quiet interesting what you have done for Sekolah Victory Plus, I must pass by Bekasi to see this in real. I will call you later.

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